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Introduction and background to the Total Website Plan

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The Details

In depth list and description of the Plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you may not have thought to ask

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Is your website mobile friendly? If not it will be penalized by Google and won’t be shown to anyone who is searching from a mobile device.

Which means you are losing a lot of potential visitors as mobile devices now account for 60% of Internet traffic and 48% of internet usage on smartphones starts with search engines. That’s a lot of visitors who won’t know your website exits!

With a WordPress website from Wood Communications you don’t need to worry about visitors with virtually any kind of device, the responsive design we use will accommodate them all.

What’s more, because WordPress is a complete Content Management System, you can make changes to text yourself and if you’re feeling brave enough you can even change aspects of the design.

And as if you needed any more convincing, there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins which can add significant extra functions to your website that would take many hundreds if not thousands of pounds for a website designer to design from scratch.

Main Features

  • Uses WordPress CMS so you can make changes
  • Easily customisable theme
  • Up to ten pages, unlimited posts
  • Separate home page design if required
  • Robust security to prevent hackers
  • All updates installed for one year
  • Vast number of optional extra features

So what do you get

  • Custom website designed for you, not a click and drag formula template
  • Responsive design to suit all devices
  • Access to CMS to change text and images
  • Slider on homepage
  • Contact page with online form
  • Up to ten pages of content (you can create more yourself if you are knowledgeable)
  • Easily customisable theme which you can alter yourself
  • Security to prevent hacking of your website
  • Easily extended functionality
  • WordPress and installed plugins updated for you for one year from website going live *
  • Free hosting if required *
  • SEO module installed with basic SEO applied

For a total cost of only £1000 with nothing more to pay

Optional Addons

  • MailChimp integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Membership integration
  • Icon design
  • Scheduled complete backups of all files, uploads and database
  • Annual agreement to maintain security and keep installation up to date (first year included in fixed price)
  • More detailed SEO research to suit your website content
  • Embedded whiteboard videos
  • And the potential for many, many more!


* Annual agreement for maintenance and hosting can be extended for further years at a cost of £200 per year. Please note if hosting is provided it will have to be renewed annually or the website will no longer be visible on the Internet. If you host using another hosting service you will have to renew with them separately.

NB. All domains attract annual registration charges, Total Website Plan cost includes one years registration if .com or two years if


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1. Why can't I use a free online designer?

You can, it’s your website after all. But there’s a reason it’s called the Total Website Plan. You get everything done for you but you get to give your input into the design, not just choose from pre-designed blocks. So if you want to have a website that truly reflects you or your company, then the Total Website Plan is for you.

2. Can I change stuff myself?

Off course, although you’ll have to wait until the website is published before you can change things by yourself. I use an extremely adaptable theme to base the Total Website Plan on which means that if you want to, you can change the layout of pages as well as the content once the website is live. Of course I’m available if you want changes made, but I don’t insist you use me.

3. Why do I need maintenance?

WordPress is an ever-evolving platform, continually adding new possibilities for websites to meet ever greater expectations of their audience. This means that when changes are made to WordPress by the community supporting it, those changes are applied either automatically or by notification depending on what they are. Plus the clever extra bits are done by plugins and themes and they periodically get updates to do extra clever bits. Although WordPress informs you when this needs doing, you don’t want to have to bother with this, so I look after it for you.

4. Why do I need security?
Unfortunately there are bad guys out there who run naughty programs over the Internet whose sole purpose is to try and log into people’s websites, steal information, seize control from the owners and generally be a complete nuisance. If you have someplace to login to your website, other people will also try to do it. Don’t panic, there are a number of things that can be done to mitigate how likely they are to succeed and I will make sure they are done for you.
5. What can I have on my pages?

Pretty much anything within reason. The sorts of things people like to show on their website include galleries of images, image sliders, animated FAQ choosers, countdown clocks, contact forms, YouTube videos, all sorts. If you can see it on this site then you can have it on yours, just get in touch if you have anything specific in mind.

6. Do I have to be hosted by you to get this deal?

No, not at all. As long as your host supports WordPress installation I can create your new site on a temporary url and then move it to your domain when it is ready. The only caveat is that I will need full access to your domain control panel to be able to set your new website at your current hosts. I will still be able to offer support and maintenance of your new website, but you will need to pay your hosting company for the domain and hosting charges separately.