Communicating Better


Modern businesses live or die on the quality of their communications internally and with their customer/clients. Are you getting it right?

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Communicating Simply

Although what you say is very important, how you say it can be equally important and whether you are consistent.

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Are the systems and practices you started off using in your business still the best way of doing things?

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Sometimes it a good idea to talk something through with someone unconnected with your business.

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You run a business.

Truth is, you don’t know everything.

What you do know goes through your very own set of filters before you make a decision.

If only all your customers or clients were exactly like you this would not be a problem.

But they’re not.

They are as unique as you and see things differently to you.

So how do you know that what you think you are saying through your business is what you are saying.

Put simply, you don’t.

So you need me to help you look at the way you communicate and more importantly what you communicate to make sure you are saying what you think you are.

Everyone gives off unconscious signals that tell other people about themselves. Some of these signals are helpful in that they enable us to fill in some of the gaps about each other of which we were unaware. However because we are not aware of these signals we may also be giving away knowledge about us which frankly we’d rather others not know about us. Our businesses are exactly the same.

As business owners we know what we want to communicate and we may be doing that rather well, but we may also giving away secrets which are less helpful and may ultimately cost us clients or customers and therefore lose us income.

One thing business owners have difficulty with is getting a balanced and informed view of how their business is interacting with their staff and their customers/clients. With my years of experience in business, my technical knowledge and understanding of human interaction, I am uniquely placed to be able to assess just what those secrets are and suggest how best to stop them being revealed.

Why do you need a multi-disciplinary approach to yield results?

Because these secrets get leaked from the way you do business, the services you use for your business and the internal and external human communication around your business. They may have been put in place for good reason once or for no reason, maybe just because they were the easiest to do.

However if any one of these areas has unintentionally placed your business in a bad light, chances are at least one other area may also be involved. You need to know that, you need me to tell you so we can put it right together. Contact me for an initial discussion. Click the button to the left to learn more.

Communicating Simply


How and what you communicate is vitally important to your business. Get it wrong and at best no-one knows what your business is about, at worst you get a bad reputation and go under.


How can you tell the difference.


At face value it looks really easy, you know what you are about but do you have the vocabulary and skills to explain it.


Every industry has its own share of buzzwords and jargon, they get used because they are essentially shortcuts. Trouble is outside of the industry they are often not clearly understood. I can review your outward facing communication and tell you what needs changing and how to change it.



Everyone likes to know where they are, very few people are happy with inconsistency. You deal daily with clients and customers and staff if you have them. Are you consistent with your words and attitudes? I can help you evaluate and improve your consistency in personal communication.   Click on the button below to learn more.



Systems are any repetitive means of controlling the workflow or communication within a business.

They can include

  • Computers
  • Email
  • Websites
  • Broadband
  • Contact Management Systems
  • Invoicing
  • Off the shelf software
  • Bespoke software

and many others. But the important thing about them is they form a chain in your business and if one or more link isn’t working as it should then you risk the whole process falling down.

Thing is that something that worked well when you set it up may no longer be fit for purpose and you shouldn’t have to take time out from running your business to figure out something better. I can look at your systems and processes and identify where changes are required and suggest how they may be done.


Even if you don’t employ staff directly, you are likely to have to rely on others for your business to be effective.

They may be

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Third party fulfilment services
  • Website designers
  • IT support

amongst others. If the communication between you and them is not efficient or consistent then you will lose business as you cannot keep your commitments. I can look at how the communication is working internally and externally and suggest how it may be improved.

But don’t worry, if you have a company that you like working with supplying the same services as myself, I won’t try and sour the relationship to get your business. I don’t consider that ethical!



Nobody knows everything there is to know about running a business, even less so about coping with life. When the two come together it is often extremely valuable to get someone else’s perspective on what is happening.

That is what mentoring is all about. Helping you see more clearly what is actually going on so you can make better choices about your business.

You know your business best so I’m not going to tell you how to run it, although I can advise you on whether what you’re doing is a good option. But that’s not mentoring. That’s reviewing your systems and people.

What happens is we meet or more likely converse remotely, you tell me what are the issues you are facing and what you are aiming for and together we work out how to get you there. Bear in mind these issues may be good, it’s not only bad changes we need to cope with.

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