Some of the following require that you have access to the password protected control panel of your router, normally through an Internet browser. You do of course have the password and username noted down from when it was installed, don’t you?

Don’t leave your Wi-Fi unprotected. Normally new routers have security switched on by default. Make sure it stays that way. If your router can only support WEP security rather than a variation of WPA/PSK then it’s old and you should consider replacing it (you may need an IT specialist to check this if your routers manufacturers website can’t help).

Don’t connect your router through an telephone extension cable if you can possibly help it.

Don’t site your router near thick walls, large metallised items such as mirrors or sources of interference such as microwave ovens.

Do note down any user name and password you were given for connecting to the Internet and keep it somewhere safe, even if you are using a router which was supplied by your service provider. Don’t rely on being able to find the email they sent should you need it!

Do plug your router into the telephone Master Socket if at all possible. It’s a box the size of a standard single light switch and has a smaller panel on the lower part of the front with the telephone socket in it. Internal telephone wiring is variable quality and can effect the speed and reliability of your Internet connection

Do consider hiding your router from general view by turning the SSID broadcast off if you are particularly concerned about security. This does have other implications but if it can’t be seen it’s much more secure.

Do check for updates to the firmware on your router regularly.

Do make sure you have micro-filters on all telephone sockets in the house that are being used.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter where the router is you still get blackspots where there is no signal. Don’t panic, you can get range extenders or use Powerline adaptors which connect through your mains wiring instead of using Wi-Fi. With the right gear it is even possible to create a wireless Internet link to an outbuilding some distance away. You no longer have to stay in the one room you get a decent signal, Wi-Fi can work for you!