Internet & Presentation Video


Video is the most popular means of communication on the Internet today. Get it right and the number of views of your video can break YouTube.

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Whiteboard Video

They may be flavour of the moment, but there’s good reason why Whiteboard videos are so popular, it’s because they are effective.

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Showcase Video

This can be used for just about anything. From the best aspects of a golf course or area to the benefits of using a specific firm or service.

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Product Highlights

Shows specific aspects of a product that can more easily be understood visually.

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Distance Learning

Enables off-site sales professionals, students and users to keep up to date with information on products, services and coursework.

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Video FAQ's

Useful for explaining how to perform specific actions such as use of software and configuration of equipment or to explain a niche-specific concept.

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Video Overview


Video has become a vital form of communication for organizations of all sizes online and offline, so much so that a website without moving images is now seen as lacking interest by many visitors. For most applications a streaming video is the best way of communicating with your target audience.

There are plenty of examples of good, effective video campaigns on the Internet, but the smart operators like Google have also been using much simpler and cheaper video to get their message across using static images and captions to create video. Using such techniques has a myriad of applications for SME’s and charities looking for a cost-effective Internet video solution for their website. See a two page pdf summary document Internet Video – not just cute animals and stupid people.

Because I can use content (images, video or audio) that you already have, I can produce video for your website or copied onto a CD at a very competitive rate. If you have PowerPoint presentations I may be able to use the graphics from them.

The examples on this page are mostly entry-level products, I can also help you with more sophisticated videos including shot video footage you may already have and the production of DVD’s for copying and distribution. If you don’t see anything that particularly relates to what you want to do in the examples, please click on the button to the right and I will be happy to discuss how to meet your requirements.

Low cost HD video produced from your own images and sound from as little as £200 each

* conditions apply see bottom of page





Whiteboard Videos


Whiteboard video is a generic term for videos seemingly produced by a hand drawing on the screen. Most commonly this is a black or coloured pen drawing on a white background, thus whiteboard videos. They can be effective in focussing sales, teaching a broad range of subjects and even recruiting. Whatever you want to advertise, whiteboard videos can do it.

Research has suggested that the viewer relates to the message being drawn as if they were drawing the message themselves. This means that the natural cynicism of online viewers is immediately dispelled as they accept the central ideas of the video on first viewing.

If done badly they can look amateurish but if done well they are extremely good at communicating in a way that people instantly relate to. I have a library of professionally drawn characters and scenes which can be put together to fit almost any narrative you need to convey.

For a modest outlay starting from £200 you can harness the power of whiteboard video to convey your message in a way your viewers will immediately relate to. Click the button to the left to find out more.

Showcase Videos


A showcase video is not primarily designed to sell a specific product, more to invoke a mood to make an item, service or organization attractive to the viewer and therefore make them more receptive. It will often include mood music and a voice-over and will always show aspects of whatever is being showcased in the best possible light.

View Video

Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club This demo was produced to highlight specific aspects of the golf course using high resolution still images zoomed and panned with captions and backing music.

When the image on the left is clicked the video will appear in a popup with the background dimmed. This can be particularly effective if the video needs to be the only focus of attention.

Using a simple video to showcase a particular aspect of your business, charity or club is a very effective way of raising the profile. Studies have shown that because we remember images better than words, visitors to your website will remember what you are offering better if presented in video form than if they just read about it. Click the button below to find out more.



Product Highlight Demo Video

Product highlights are best presented in HD if possible to show as much detail and with the largest dimensions. We are talking BIG to create if not a wow factor, then at least a look at me video.

This is a demo to show the possibilities of using online video for highlighting specific aspects of a product or service. In this case designer furniture. It could be presented in a popup the same as the Showcase if desired.

NB we always try to produce HD videos if the images allow which can be viewed full screen so commanding more attention. This means they are also well suited to physical onsite advertising or point of sale. Click on the button below to find out more.



Distance Learning Demo Video


Online or eLearning is one of the growth areas in the use of video. eLearning  enables off-site sales professionals, students and users to keep up to date with information on products, services and coursework without the need to be physically present in a classroom, and can be self-paced to fit in with their lifestyle.

The simplest example is a series of PowerPoint-like slides with or without audio to step through a learning process. This simple demo shows the first step in the process towards the development of leaders in volunteer organizations and is based on a PowerPoint presentation. Such videos can be linked to questions to test fact absorption or included in full eLearning courses.

The content can be as complex as required, however giants such as Google use very simple slide-based  videos for their public-facing instruction to enormous effect. As a rule, to make sure facts are retained it is best to restrict eLearning videos to simple visuals with a voiceover where helpful.

Like all online videos, learning videos can be presented in a popup the same as the Showcase  but generally are best embedded in a page. Click the button to the right to find out more.





Video FAQ Demo Video


This is a demo to show how using video for Frequently Asked Questions can be effective in communicating aspects of your business which may require you regularly repeating them. They could be used on a website, internally in the office or on the road with clients.

This demo video does not have any commentary on it but a voiceover can easily be added to enable a presentation of information without you even being present. They could be also presented in a popup the same as the Showcase if desired.

I can create videos from your PowerPoint presentations or from images exported from PowerPoint, although the size of the image will dictate the dimensions of the final video. Click on the button to the left to find out more.



1. For only £200 you can have a video comprising of up to six images with cross-fades and front and end titles on a black background. This will be supplied to you on a cd in either wmv or mpeg format or added to the Wood Communications YouTube channel and you will be supplied with the URL so you can view it or add it to your own website.

2. Additional images, titles, sound or more involved visual effects will add to the base cost quoted.

3. You must own the copyright of all material submitted or have written permission for its electronic publication.

4. Images should be at least 1280x720 resolution jpg files. I can work with less, but the finished video quality will be reduced.

5. Sound files should ideally be in wav or mp3 formats but I may be able to use other formats.