Don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is even now lurking ready to take over your particular bit of the world.

The classic IoT device is an Internet enabled fridge which has a touchscreen on the front through which you can access the Internet. The suggestion is that it will in the future monitor its content and automatically reorder items that are running out. All well and good, but would you let your fridge loose on the Internet with your credit card?

And anyway whilst that might be of help to some, I think it reduces the IoT to some sort of automatic Sainsburys service. It has the potential to be much more than that and in some cases it already has.

Samsung for instance has produced an IoT hub which is capable of connecting to and controlling a large number of devices through a smartphone app. The keen gardeners amongst you may have seen wireless sensors for soil moisture, temperature, etc already, but there are also applications for this technology in ordinary life.

It is perfectly possible for instance to retro fit remote control to many things plugged in to a standard 13amp socket by plugging a smart adapter in with the device plugged into that. It enables the device to be turned on and off by the smartphone app according to whatever rules you have set up. Maybe to enable lights to come on when no-one is at home it such a way that it looks like someone is home.

Add sensors for movement, temperature, door opening and smartlocks and you can control an awful lot of your home and even automate it according to routines. So you could create a ‘night’ routine which makes sure all lights and all appliances are off the doors are locked by one tap on your smartphone. In fact if you can access your network from outside your house via the Internet you could do all this from anywhere you have Internet access. No more ‘did I leave the xxxx on’ in the rush to leave this morning!

So there you are, the IoT is a connected utopia. Of course I haven’t addressed the thorny issue of security in all of this and only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. The IoT is coming though and I’m sure I will revisit it again!