Windows 7 reaches end of life 2020Lots of people found their computers forcibly upgrade to Windows 10, even though they were quite happy with their Windows 7 computer. Even if you valiantly resisted Microsoft’s attempts, come 14 January 2020, you’ll have to do something when Microsoft ceases support as Windows 7 reaches end of life.

So if you are still running Windows 7, or your upgraded PC doesn’t cut the mustard, what do you do?

Well, you may notice that in between January next year and now is…..Christmas! If you don’t have family who might take a hint, maybe it’s time to treat yourself!

What are your options?

  1. Buy a new Windows 10 computer. It will work fairly similarly to your current computer and should be able to run the same or similar programs you use now. It does sometimes act a bit strangely though.
  2. Change to an Apple computer. I have helped a number of my clients change and it’s not as hard as you might think, given a bit of help. They come with all the standard sorts of programs but learning where everything is can take a bit of effort.
  3. Do you need a computer at all? I have clients who have ditched their computers and now use a tablet exclusively. The iPad is by far the most common but there are other tablets available.

All sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Until of course you go into Currys or John Lewis or look online, that is. There’s an awful lot of numbers and acronyms involved in buying tech these days and not as much knowledge from retailers as you might hope.

What are the issues?

The problem is, you may find someone who can decipher all the nonsense but what does it mean in the real world? How much main memory is sufficient for the sort of things you are going to want to do? What is a USB C port and how many do you need?

I am often contacted by people who have bought a cheap device on the understanding that they ‘don’t do much’. Trouble is, some of the cheaper computers are under-specified for everything!

A bit of advice from someone who isn’t trying to sell you a particular computer can go a long way. So, if you don’t have a suitable child to hand, ask your friendly computer techie. It’ll save you money and grief in the long run!