As we hurtle towards the festive season, focus tends to narrow, and some of the things we consider important become subsumed in the rush to get ready for Christmas. So at the risk of being the Christmas Grinch, I feel honour-bound to remind one and all that things can go wrong at Christmas.

And I don’t just mean swallowing the tanner in your piece of Christmas pudding. If you don’t know what a tanner is, go find a grandparent, doesn’t have to be yours, and ask them. Or Google, or Siri, or Alexa.

Although swallowing pre-decimal coinage isn’t to be recommended, it’s unlikely to be high risk compared to other festive slipups.

So, what kinds of things can make Christmas season 2019 a thing to remember for none of the right reasons?

If you are buying presents for tech-savvy young’uns, it a minefield out there. A word to the wise, if they specify something techy on their Santa order, it really is best to stick to exactly what they ask for.

It might seem sensible to shave pounds off the cost by buying something that looks like it but is cheaper, but there will be tears before bedtime if you do that. The young consumer it seems not only knows exactly what they want but know that their bragging rights depend on getting it.

Yes, things have changed from when you were young enough to get up early on Christmas morning!

I know you are all too savvy to fall for this but it seems that pre-Christmas sales don’t always offer bargains. There are an awful lot of special offers which have a sufficiently low specification to boost your beverage consumption once they have a few programs loaded and peripherals connected.

As a general rule, your minimum specification for a new Windows computer should be i5 processor, 8Gb main memory and 256Gb hard disk which will most likely be SSD. Any less than that and you will most likely be fairly quickly disappointed, even if all you intend to do is the Internet and email.

With tablets, iPads whilst not the only game in town, are realistically the only option. The regular iPad is fine for most people, so think before buying a Pro or Air model, and always get as much memory as you can afford.

Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas!