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Running a modern businesses can tax even the best business minds.

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Here are some clients who had some nice things to say.

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Advising & Updating

Stop and appraise how you are working.

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A good website gets you the customer or client.

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Correcting & Enabling

Things you rely on go wrong or are no longer fit for purpose.

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Broadband & Network Troubleshooting

When your broadband goes down it’s a crisis.

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Low Cost Videos

There’s no doubt video is the best means of communicating.

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Making the Best Use of What You Already Have

Maybe you can utilize what you already have better.

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Overview for Businesses


If you can relate to any of these statements, your business needs you to talk to me.


  • Your business relies on technology in many ways, but you’re not a very technical sort of person.
  • You can do the basic stuff, but get lost after that.
  • You suspect you are not really getting full value for what you have already purchased.
  • You read about what other businesses have done to get ahead but don’t understand how they did it.
  • You have no idea whether your website is working for you or maybe even working against you.
  • You know your tech stuff is not up to the job but don’t have any idea what you need to buy next.
  • ‘Someone’ told you that you just have to have a specific bit of kit or feature on your website but you’re not so sure.
  • You just want your stuff to work so you can get on with what you do best.

“Paul Wood has been of invaluable help … always responding to enquiries in the most professional manner, able to solve every problem we have and often guiding us over the phone. Paul always responds to our enquiries in a timely fashion. We are happy … using the services of Wood Communications and would strongly recommend them for consultancy of the highest requirements.”

World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

Client Testimonials


“Paul is one of those rare IT professionals who can communicate the benefits of embracing technology without descending into jargon and detail. He works hard, is committed to his clients and is easy to get along with. I heartily endorse Paul’s skills and services.” – RM Consultants


“In the eleven years that Paul has worked with us, I have found him to be conscientious, helpful and honest. He has at various times been involved with the purchase and installation of hardware, network installation, automating email merge and mail merge with Microsoft Office, assisting in the development of a Microsoft Access frontend to MSSQL Server and developed an ActiveX enabled ASP application for scanning documents via IIS. He has also served as second-line support when required. I am happy to recommend his services.” – Richard Atterton UK COO, Compassion UK


“Paul Wood has provided Internet services for me since 2004. In that time he has provided me with a consistent and ongoing excellent service. What I really like about Wood Communications is that Paul has always provided me with a personalised tailor based approach to my needs. In the 7 years Paul has been looking after me, he has responded to my calls and queries promptly and addressed any problems that have arisen equally promptly regardless of the source of the problem. And rarely have there been problems. The huge plus for me is that Paul is there for me in person over the phone, when I need him. No call centre customer service advisors and menu optioned telephone services! As a long term customer, I would recommend Paul highly.” – Miti Ampoma Communication Specialist Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (FCIPR)


“Wood Communications has provided the WFSA with IT support since November 2004. Paul Wood has been of invaluable help throughout this period, always responding to enquiries in the most professional manner, able to solve every problem we have and often guiding us over the phone. Paul always responds to our enquiries in a timely fashion. We are happy to continue using the services of Wood Communications and would strongly recommend them for consultancy of the highest requirements.” – World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists


“Paul Wood of Wood Communications has been Riverside Vineyard Church’s principal IT technical support and consultancy services provider for more than 15 years, covering issues across our office of about 20 users, and has given more general technical support since 1990. Support has been provided for wired, wireless and remote networking. Upgrade advice, installation and troubleshooting has been provided, including hardware, software and printer procurement. Other support has been provided for Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange administration and upgrades, backup regimes, and Linux server configuration and troubleshooting. Paul has provided a broad specialist knowledge of various IT issues, giving a range of options for our developing needs. He has consistently worked well with office staff to resolve issues and to implement new software and systems. Paul has worked with integrity and demonstrated trustworthiness, and his services come with our recommendation.” – Dr Andrew Chapman, Senior Pastor, Riverside Vineyard Church

Advising & Updating For Your Business


The list below is by no means all I can do to help you. Please get in touch for an informal chat if you need help with something that is not mentioned.

  •  If you want to be sure that you are making the best use of your current setup, I can look at what you are doing, how you are doing it, and suggest ways to change to do things better.
  • If your computers are running slowly, I can identify where the bottleneck is and tell you whether you need a new system or just an upgrade to certain components. I can advise what and where to buy and install the new kit for you.
  • If you don’t make backups or only backup intermittently, I can advise and enable a suitable backup routine using onsite backup and/or online backup services.
  • If you need more telephone lines and/or extensions I can advise on regular systems v VOIP systems, externally hosted or internally sited.
  • If you work from home but are often visiting clients I can advise on the benefits of virtual offices.
    If you need to choose new software I can help you refine your choice.


Correcting & Enabling Your Business


This section is really about support, putting things right that have gone wrong.

  •  If you need onsite or phone technical support but don’t need a large support company with a large support contract, we can discuss a retainer agreement which gives you priority access on my time, or deal with support issues as and when they occur.
  • If your Internet connection is intermittent, slow or stops frequently, I can diagnose where the issue is and deal with it. Liaising with your Service Provider if necessary.
  • If you have a wi-fi or wired network and can no longer access computers or peripherals I can diagnose and fix the connection problems.
  • If you can’t figure out how to access your email from your smart phone or portable computer equipment I can set them up for you.
  • If your Website isn’t attracting many visitors there may be good reasons for it. I can look at your site including the code behind it and pinpoint any areas that need attention. With your permission I can work with your Web Designer or Web Host to remedy any issues.
  • If you need cost effective video for your website I can create and host them.


Broadband & Network Troubleshooting


For most companies working technology is vital, even if their main business isn’t technologically based. Reliance on email Internet research and for many the updating of a website, have become core business functions which, should they fail, would cause loss of income and business. More commonly connection will slow to a snail’s pace and become at best frustrating, at worst unusable.

One of the problems with reliance on being connected is that when the connection breaks, it’s not always clear quite where the problem lies. And therefore whose responsibility it is to fix it. If you are a business with a broadband supplier, a website and email host and are running a network of computers, finding out why you can’t receive email, or access the Internet can involve calls to a number of external companies. And those external companies may not have helpdesk personnel who can do anything other than read from a troubleshooting script. In fact they may not have sufficient grasp of technical aspects of the English language to be able to help you at all.

So what do you do? What you need is to be able to call someone up who can isolate the problem in such a way that it is clear whose responsibility it is to fix it. And then contact that company and make something happen. Because of more than fifteen years of experience, we can troubleshoot connectivity problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and therefore money, and a considerable amount of stress as well.

Using What You Have More Effectively


The simple truth is that most organizations do not even begin to make the most of the technology they currently have at their disposal. They don’t get full value from their purchases. Given the choice most companies and charities would prefer to make sure they have got the most they can out of their current hardware and software, but often don’t have the choice because they don’t have the knowledge to know what’s best. After all the options available to even the smallest of organizations can be vast, and that new gadget or program seems to be out of date almost as soon as it’s purchased and working.

So if you find yourself being advised to spend more money on a new piece of kit, the latest software, or some new ground-breaking Internet service, you may wonder why you need to. But be concerned about the effects if you don’t.

That’s where I can help. I look at what you currently are using, access its suitability, having asked you what you hope to achieve, and suggest where you could improve your use of hardware and software or Internet services. As part of this process I will be able to give you some idea of when you may need to consider planning new purchases or simply upgrading what you have.

It’s difficult to know what to do when you don’t have the experience or knowledge yourself, and though you may have any number of well intentioned friends offering advice, it’s your organization that will suffer if you get it wrong. It’s also true that one size does not fit all and many sales orientated companies will offer one solution simply because it’s easier or more cost effective for them. I don’t do that. I don’t start with any preconceptions, I make refine my understanding as I go through the process with you.