Each year the speed of tech innovation increases, the demand for the next must-have gadget sky rockets and we end counting the cost in many ways come the end of January.

So, what would I like for Christmas? A year where tech stands still, the next best thing is still the last best thing and the marketing companies refrain from using stratospheric hyperbole. It’s exhausting trying to keep up!

Anyway, back to the real world. What can you be looking out for when Santa has eaten his mince pie, knocked back the sherry and all through the house nothing is stirring. Unless you have small children, who ripped off the paper hours ago and prove you were right to doubt the sanity of buying them something with batteries and no volume control.

Yes, obviously, there are the high end iThis and iThat, but just for a moment let’s go to the downmarket end of things well below the nosebleed price territory. What can you get that enhances your life and values your solvency?

How about £30 worth of Bluetooth shower speaker so you don’t have to take your gadget into the bathroom with you? Hey, I didn’t say these suggestions were going to be sensible!

Know a photographer? They must be dying for a cup which looks like a telephoto lens for a mere £10! If they shoot video as well and you’re tired of screwing your eyes up to see their latest epic on a smartphone screen, then you don’t need to pretend you can see it any more, just spend £20 on a smartphone projector which projects smartphone images onto the wall.

Still wish it was the late 70’s so you could throw your disco moves just like the old days? How about reliving the best time of your life with a sound responsive LED light which projects colours 360 degrees. £15 for your memories, surely worth it.

OK so maybe nothing there that floats your boat, but you can find stuff that is fun without having to push your spending up every year. And what’s the best thing about all these? None are even remotely ‘Smart’, so they can’t be hi-jacked to cause mayhem on the Internet!

I hope that when it arrives, you and yours have a wonderfully peaceful Christmas season full of the things which are most important in life.