A common request I get is to recover a forgotten email password. For most regular email accounts this should not be necessary, as you can take steps to make sure you can recover your own email password before it becomes necessary.

Remember when you set up your email account and they asked you for your mobile number or another email address? They weren’t prying, that’s how you can recover your password. If you give your email supplier your mobile number or alternate email address, they will send you a code to prove you are who you say you are. Once that’s done, you simply choose a new password, job done. If you haven’t done this yet, find out how to do it now.

All broadband suppliers give away free email addresses when you take up their broadband. Once you have been with them for a while but want to change broadband suppliers because it’s no longer a good deal or your broadband keeps falling over, go ahead. Trouble is everyone you know knows your email address, and if it’s linked to your broadband supplier, you can’t take it with you.

It makes sense to get an Outlook or Gmail email account. They work with any broadband supplier and you don’t have to let everyone know what your new address is if you switch broadband suppliers.

If you want to show off a bit, then you could always get a vanity domain. That is a name of your choosing after the @ bit in your email address. If you run a business you really should have your own domain anyway which matches your website address. It looks a lot more professional to have your company name as part of your email than to have a business email with @gmail.com or something like that.

It’s not just businesses that can have their own bespoke email address, but there are costs involved. You have to pay at least an annual licence to use the domain name.

In our world of many gadgets if you use an email program on your computer rather than webmail through your internet browser, make sure you are using IMAP rather than POP3. IMAP is generally the default these days (outlook.com is a bit different), and is much better to use if you have more than one device that you want to get your email on.