About Me

My name is Paul Wood and I live in Lymington on the South Coast of the UK. I started off as an admin assistant after leaving Tech College, moving on to become an export admin, which if you know anything about it, requires extreme care to get the details right. Getting it wrong was not an option as it could cost a huge amount of money!

Having always had a techie streak, making a ECG machine whilst still at school, I took evening courses to learn computer programming and decided I needed a bigger challenge. So I started my own business. I have now been running my own businesses since 1987 and have learnt a lot along the way. As if that wasn’t enough, I found time to oversee a counselling service and mentored in self-development. So my background is a mix of administration and technical with experience of mentoring and face to face interactions thrown in.

So what does that mean for you? Good question.

It means that if you are in business I can help you from a much broader experience base than your average techie or your average administrator. So if you need a broad perspective on how your business is communicating I can give you that understanding. I can bring  your processes, systems, written and electronic communication, personal interaction with staff and customers/clients together into a cohesive whole. Your business is then consistent in the messages it is giving out internally and externally.

Of course it may be that you have most things nailed down but just need a particular technical aspect of your business addressed. That’s fine, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing. Get in touch, it’s free to talk.

For your home it means that I can explain technical stuff in plain English and won’t be dismissive of you just because you can’t do something you think should be simple. My attitude to home users with computers, tablets and other gizmos that are sold like ‘white goods’ by retailers is consistent. You are given a box and pretty much have to get on with it by yourself. This means that if you can’t do something you are not stupid, it’s just that no-one has explained it to you in a way you can relate. These are complex bits of kit, you need someone to explain them. Get in touch, it’s free to talk.